Monday, January 27, 2014


TPP Tool Kit: DAY of ACTION Against The TPP 2014 01 31

Resource Pages

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Public Citizen Resource Page

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Issue on EFF site

Exposing the TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Info page with links on CTC site

TPP Organizers Tool Kit from CTC

FastTrack Fact Sheet from CTC

Global Trade Watch

Sign Up Your Organization

Flush the TPP Action Pledge
Sign up your organization, or sign the pledge as an individual here:

Sign On Letter Opposing Fast Track for the TPP; Add your org’s name to the letter

TPP Fast Track Letter Signed by 400 Groups – Read the Inspiring List Now      

EFF site; 50+ organizations that oppose FastTrack for the TPP; Add your org

Social Media

Reddit AMA   (Ask Me Anything):

For Ongoing Social Media: Info, Updates, TPP Activist Tool Kit & TPP Crash Course


Leaked TPP Texts Reveal a Bonanza of Special Rights for Corporations

Stopping Fast Track is One Way We Can Block TPP

Don’t Let Them Trade Away Our Internet Freedoms - Speak Out Against TPP

What’s So Bad About the Trans Pacific Partnership Anyway? (scroll down for article)


TPP – 6 minute audio summary  with transcript by Foster Gamble


Still Report #158 - Trans-Pacific Partnership (7:27)

Infowars Blows The Lid Off TPP Agreement (45:50)

What is the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)? – Truthloader  (4:23)

Posters and Schedule – Jan. 31, 2014 SF DAY of ACTION

SF  POSTER                 

SF - Location & Activities

Inter-Continental Day of Action

Occupy BayArea United